We will fight!

Many say that we are contradictory….. bleeding heart’s….
Many say that we speak of peace….but look for a fight….
And you would be right…..Maybe…..Just maybe…..
To find the peace we strive for…..a fight will change the world
And so….
We will fight…For the man who cowers in fear as he tries to forget the past that runs thickly through his blood, up his arm and in his mind of the one he lost. For the woman who holds her baby tightly, pretending that she can shield him from the cold streets and those who wants to rob them of their own.

We will fight for the little boy who dreams of being a football star each day at dusk as he comes home to a vacant home and empty cupboards…..for the invisible woman on the street corner who lost her hope when she lost her mind on the busy yet gravely lonely streets. And we will fight for the man with optimism in his eyes as he takes steps toward the future yet feels held back by the remnant of his past that trace up and down his boney arm.


For them

We will fight.

Thank you ALL for FIGHTING with us. Last week was almost unbearable, this Monday has started off in much the same way. Prayers requested. Do good today, be blessed!


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Yesterday was nice, we caught up on house cleaning, laundry, spent time with family and actually got to sit down together and share a family meal. Between that we received 3 phone calls asking for assistance with utility bills, we don't have monies in the budget to do that with so saying we can't just crushes us. Utility bills must have been super high last month, so many people struggling to pay them. We would love to be able to help, however we also need to keep focused on what GS is here for. Our homeless friends, and those without.

It's day 5 of our fall fundraiser and we appreciate you all so much! Simple can't help anyone without you!

Thank you:
Anonymous donor, your support monthly is amazing and yet you also support our fundraiser's You are so appreciated!

Terrell Burks, we appreciate your continued support. Thank you for always helping GS be able to care for so many. We are so grateful for you!

Anne Peters, thank you for your donation to GS and for all the other things you so graciously do for GS! We love you!

Tracy Swatfager for your precious donation. Thank you for being there with your support anytime there is a need! We appreciate you!

Kenneth Wilson for always pouring into GS! We appreciate you so very much!

Gayl Miller for your steady donation month in and month out for well over a year now. We are grateful for It and you !

Thank you ALL for your prayers which is needed most of all! 💕

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Do good things! 💕💕
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When a very recent homeless individual whom is in his own home with a very lucrative job at the Toyota plant calls and wants to * pay it forward *

You cry.... you cry that ugly cry! 😪

Thank you Lord for sitting our feet upon this sometimes very difficult but very rewarding path.

You are amazing! 💕
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Day 4 of our fundraiser! We are so thankful for the prayers and support from you guys! GS ministry could not help a single hurting soul if not for your kind and generous support.

Today, is a * day off * for us, time to catch up on cleaning and laundry, a day to cook a meal for the family. But our thoughts and worries are really never far away from our friends. Even at night when we lay down in our comfy bed with clean sheets something just isn't right.

As we look at the homeless over the course of time, we notice one common thing. They all have a story and all of them aren't so different than a lot of us. 😯

The difference is that when most of us had a hard time in our life we had parents, family or a friend who took us in and took care of us. We understand there are many different stories of course and many homeless make choices for themselves.

However, we also know there are many of us that could be homeless if we didn't have someone to help us out. They unfortunately didn't have someone to give them the same chance we had.

Thank you all for providing so our friends have hope when they can't muster any on their own. We are so grateful!

Be Blessed! 💕💕
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Day Three of our fall fundraiser:

Thank you Heather Anderson for your sweet donation! We appreciate you! 💕
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