We will fight!

Many say that we are contradictory….. bleeding heart’s….
Many say that we speak of peace….but look for a fight….
And you would be right…..Maybe…..Just maybe…..
To find the peace we strive for…..a fight will change the world
And so….
We will fight…For the man who cowers in fear as he tries to forget the past that runs thickly through his blood, up his arm and in his mind of the one he lost. For the woman who holds her baby tightly, pretending that she can shield him from the cold streets and those who wants to rob them of their own.

We will fight for the little boy who dreams of being a football star each day at dusk as he comes home to a vacant home and empty cupboards…..for the invisible woman on the street corner who lost her hope when she lost her mind on the busy yet gravely lonely streets. And we will fight for the man with optimism in his eyes as he takes steps toward the future yet feels held back by the remnant of his past that trace up and down his boney arm.


For them

We will fight.

Thank you ALL for FIGHTING with us. Last week was almost unbearable, this Monday has started off in much the same way. Prayers requested. Do good today, be blessed!


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2 overdoses today.....and for some reason this rain is causing the mean ants to be on the move and all over our friends tents and them! Lord help!!!! 😳 ... See MoreSee Less

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5 homeless families on the streets and in tents. Everyone of them called us and asked for help before ending up where they are. Two sets of mamas and their daughter, two families of 3, and one couple.

Lord, how can we continue to care for so many? So many hungry, soaking wet, so many in need of medical and mental care. Almost everyday the burdens become

PLEASE pray for an opportunity for GS to become a reality. Pray that God opens the way to a building that could shelter, educate, serve so many in our hurting community come to fruition.

We know we are going to have to have a MEGA laundry day the first of next week. Almost every sleeping bag is soaked again, these bags are lightweight and expensive ones that we were able to purchase last year at a greatly reduced price. Our friends are very guarded over them and usually take the where they go during the day. Because of there denseness it takes lots of time and quarters to wash and dry.

We are all tired and not feeling great, tomorrow is going to be yet another long day. All we can do is trust God on His promises and keep moving forward.

Prayers Appreciated. 💕
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It's going to be a long day, already soaking wet trying to get out some hot coffee and sausage and biscuits. We got this though!

Have a good Thursday! 💕
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Doing last minute battering down the hatches before all this rain and wind comes in. Lifted some tents onto crates and put more tarps over some camps. It's been a long day and going to be a long week/weekend.

We are officially out of tents, tarps and bug spray as of today. 😔. We need help.

Please say a prayer for our friends to remain safe and dry. To some of us a thunderstorm, heavy rains and wind is no biggie, to them it could be devastating.

Stay safe and dry!

Be Blessed!
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