Huntsville Good Samaritans Ministry

Co-Founder Penny McGlathery

About Us

The Good Samaritans of Huntsville ministry was established out of a need in Huntsville, Alabama, to minister to the homeless. There are many organizations available to provide food & essentials. 

Feeding Our Friends

Mission Statement

Good Samaritans of Huntsville is a Christian non-profit organization providing help and hope for the homeless and less fortunate to become self-sufficient.

We Believe in Creation

Statement of Faith

Huntsville Good Samaritans Ministry is founded upon the faith that there is but one Creator and sustaining God, who manifests Himself in three personal revelations as our Father, as Jesus Christ the Son, and as the Holy Spirit.

Washday Saturday was a great success! Many thanks to First Presbyterian Church. They sponsored the wash day and have been a supporter of Huntsville Good Samaritans for many years.

Our friends were able to wash all the clothes they could bring, get a good home cooked meal and play a little corn hole.

Such a great day to share God’s love .