We will be back soon!

Dear friends and fellow Good Samaritans, we are using this next week to take a break. It has been a very busy 2018 and we need to recharge as God so lovingly encourages us in Psalm 127:2. We are not only addressing current needs but planning for the future in creating better avenues of hope for homelessness. During this time we have promised to find rest with our Lord and Savior.

Upon our return we will begin a dollar for dollar match fundraiser, get ready…we have some surprises. We are EXCITED about a break, about a matched fundraiser, and about a hopeful future for our friends.

Please join us in prayer over the next week as we continue to mitigate homelessness in this city we love! We will respond to all messages upon our return next Sunday.

We love you all and are blessed beyond measure to have you by our side!