Jesus was homeless?

We want them to see the One Who’s Hand keeps on giving. As we muddle and struggle through summer, our hearts seek to beat for what touches the heart of God. Thinking about His heart for the homeless, Jesus could relate to them. He too was homeless.

When Jesus was born, there was nowhere for Him to be taken in. Even as an adult He admits He has no home to go to. He wants to care for those who are broken and hurting. In His infinite wisdom, He chooses to use us, however imperfect we are, even those who have our own hurts, to bring His message of HOPE to a wounded world.

And y’all, it sure is wounded. Our friends are facing struggles we have never seen before. Resources are running out, services are being thinned, and sadly the impact falls hardest on those who literally have a backpack, and maybe a tent.

We have been overwhelmed by the hurt we see, and feel the struggle as we walk beside our friends.

This day we are challenged to keep our eyes open. Open for new friends and opportunities to help them without causing more hurt. One of our friends, who is confused and has a difficult time living in reality and facing the closing of a patch of dirt she calls home asked us ….

*where can I go, where can I sleep, what can I do? *

There are no answers for her. None, we can’t imagine how she feels, dejected she turned and started walking to her tent, nestled among bushes.

Absolutely no hope left, and not a glimmer of hope for tomorrow.

What part can we play to bring hope to our friends? We believe the church is the hope of the world. And remember the Church is not just a building, it’s us broken and hurting souls who love Jesus and do His Good works best to our ability and for His glory!

Currently we have a mom with two children living in a hotel room day by day. Her car needs work and she needs a job. And is actively looking for one. The DRM or Salvation Army is not an option because her 13 year old son would have to stay in the men’s dorm away from her. She refuses and we don’t blame her. Saturday she was at her wits end and had thought maybe DHR should just take her kids. Dad is not in the picture and will not be, she’s struggled for almost a year now, one day at a time, not knowing if she could provide for her kids. But she has, she needs help in the worst kind of way.

We have another mom in a struggle for her kids.

With all the rain, mosquitoes and now ticks are menacing our friends every minute of everyday. There is no relief. Many are walking around with infected sores on them from scratching all the time.

Our match fundraiser begins today and last until next Sunday. It potentially could be our last fundraiser until January, 2019. One day will be a double up day but we don’t know which.

Our needs are great because our friends needs are great. If you feel lead to help us this week through this fundraiser, please know we appreciate and know we do nothing without you. If you can’t financially help, please pray for us and then share this post.

Tomorrow, we hit the ground early, we have truly missed serving! 💕

OH! Please be on the watch for some exciting ventures we are praying about. 💕💕

As always ALL donations are tax deductible! And no amount is to small, $3.00 will buy a can of bug spray!

Mailing address:

Huntsville Good Samaritans Ministry, Inc.
PO Box 1243
Huntsville, Al 35807